…for her who broke my heart

I remember the first time we kissed, the first time I kissed. It wasn’t sweet; I thought it would be. Well, it was sweet in its kind of way; it was just lips and saliva and tongue but it felt good being yours, and all the way I felt about you was in there. Oh, and how I felt about you! I thought I knew how I felt about you, but now I am not so sure anymore. You say you are leaving me because you don’t have a choice. Well, you always have a choice. I have a choice, to hate you or miss you. Sometimes I hate you, for all the heartaches you gave me, but then, for the times you made me feel like nothing else mattered in the world, I will miss you. It’s fair to say I enjoyed you, and I endured you. I don’t know what will happen after you, like I didn’t know what would happen with you. I am sure it won’t be anything special, like you didn’t turn out to be special as I thought you would be. Yet I feel the need to hope it will be better. Maybe, someday in the future I will look back at our time together fondly, and think you were worth the ride, but now I guess I am happy to see you go. So long, my dear 2014. To new years!

Hope Drunk

Battered, bruised, broken, buried.
It was only yesterday that tomorrow failed
She flew out of the rain into the sun
It is not safe unless you are safe
No one knows what they look for
Until they find what they did not know
Stay there, the wind’s lost reason
There is a path in the sea to sanity
When you find it you will know you were lost
Home is where you are, my dear
You are not here, you never were
Today when tonight comes, I will be here

A Fool’s Quarrel

Find me a timeless linguist,
I have a quarrel with time,
For he is an eternal bully.
I have seen fools die as fools;
Time makes sure they learn nothing.
I see she still stays with him;
Time stole the memory of pain he brought her.
Ah, do not stay the fire in my belly;
Let me beat the impunity of time’s hypocrisy!
How now that they thirst for each other’s blood,
They who once drank from the pot of camaraderie?
I knew a man with the promise of youth;
Time sold him to death before his hair knew grey

Which court will hear my case!
Ah, how I will vomit the injustice of time!
I heard the tale of a legend once.
He rode on the shoulders of his time.
When he forgot himself, his unfaithful time rode him to oblivion.
And time gossiped it to all he met on his way.
That someone would pull time’s fleeting ears?
I have seen men master the mighty seas.
Yet all were mastered by time.
Swords drunk with blood, victories of warriors!
That they had taken a fight with time?
Cowards, cowards, all of them!
How they slept when time stole their breath!

There must be a place where justice hails,
I will go there and flaunt my plight.
Is there a worst politician than time?
His brewery is lined with broken bottles of hope.
Princes and poets once paraded her beauty.
How now that she is the mockery of youth?
Her skin roughened as a sailor’s palm.
Who made time the henchman of the seasons?
Shivers and sweat he sends at will.
Let me not lose salt to take up my matter against time;
He will send me to the dirt when he wills.
When I am gone, he will make men forget me.
Not him, he has no memory.
Time remembers nothing; time forgets nothing!

I Lost My Innocence

I Lost My Innocence

It started with a look
A pleasant meeting of the eyes
A touch of the skin
A kiss perhaps, and it was
That my restless hands
Unknowingly, or was it knowingly,
My hands,
They were breast-full.
A spark of heat,
The sight of a goddess’ nudity,
My reason was lost,
And with that my innocence.

I lost my innocence
When i lost my reason.
I know not whence
But they said it was moral treason
Ah, it looked to have started thence
A meeting of pleasant eyes

When I was a child…

Some time some time ago
I used to play “alikoto” in the dirt of Kintampo
And my friends will tafree their mouth
As they gaaa me till I run away home
That is why me and my best friend Paa Kwesi did aka
He, he sent me aaa when we played “Stay”
He teased me that me, if my mother sends me
I won’t go, but see how he is sending me
Like if it was not the “Four Corners” anka
Me and him will not talk again, hmm!
Herrr, the way I also gaaa him when we played “Zanzama”
He and I did aka again but I was happy some, hw3!
If not for the “pilolo” like we will do aka aaa, hmm

Some time some time ago
I used to played “search inside and find your lover”
Under the shining moonlight of Kintampo
That is where me and Frema first did atuuu
Herr, I was happy papa
And they said she was my girl and I bought her “chingam”
Some night bi when we played “hide and seek”
Like me and her were going to do “maame and paapa” oo
Ah, then Paa Kwesi came to catch us
And he went and told everybody at “gala”
That is why I didn’t let him ride my bicycle some aaa
Like if not for “pampanaa” like me and him will do aka aaa
Ah, me and my best friend Paa Kwesi dierrr!