…for her who broke my heart

I remember the first time we kissed, the first time I kissed. It wasn’t sweet; I thought it would be. Well, it was sweet in its kind of way; it was just lips and saliva and tongue but it felt good being yours, and all the way I felt about you was in there. Oh, and how I felt about you! I thought I knew how I felt about you, but now I am not so sure anymore. You say you are leaving me because you don’t have a choice. Well, you always have a choice. I have a choice, to hate you or miss you. Sometimes I hate you, for all the heartaches you gave me, but then, for the times you made me feel like nothing else mattered in the world, I will miss you. It’s fair to say I enjoyed you, and I endured you. I don’t know what will happen after you, like I didn’t know what would happen with you. I am sure it won’t be anything special, like you didn’t turn out to be special as I thought you would be. Yet I feel the need to hope it will be better. Maybe, someday in the future I will look back at our time together fondly, and think you were worth the ride, but now I guess I am happy to see you go. So long, my dear 2014. To new years!

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