A Fool’s Quarrel

Find me a timeless linguist,
I have a quarrel with time,
For he is an eternal bully.
I have seen fools die as fools;
Time makes sure they learn nothing.
I see she still stays with him;
Time stole the memory of pain he brought her.
Ah, do not stay the fire in my belly;
Let me beat the impunity of time’s hypocrisy!
How now that they thirst for each other’s blood,
They who once drank from the pot of camaraderie?
I knew a man with the promise of youth;
Time sold him to death before his hair knew grey

Which court will hear my case!
Ah, how I will vomit the injustice of time!
I heard the tale of a legend once.
He rode on the shoulders of his time.
When he forgot himself, his unfaithful time rode him to oblivion.
And time gossiped it to all he met on his way.
That someone would pull time’s fleeting ears?
I have seen men master the mighty seas.
Yet all were mastered by time.
Swords drunk with blood, victories of warriors!
That they had taken a fight with time?
Cowards, cowards, all of them!
How they slept when time stole their breath!

There must be a place where justice hails,
I will go there and flaunt my plight.
Is there a worst politician than time?
His brewery is lined with broken bottles of hope.
Princes and poets once paraded her beauty.
How now that she is the mockery of youth?
Her skin roughened as a sailor’s palm.
Who made time the henchman of the seasons?
Shivers and sweat he sends at will.
Let me not lose salt to take up my matter against time;
He will send me to the dirt when he wills.
When I am gone, he will make men forget me.
Not him, he has no memory.
Time remembers nothing; time forgets nothing!

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