The Question of Faith


Is there God, you ask me,
When you say there is none.
For how could there be when the world this bleeds
Surely, He must care?
Why do they who profess Him contradict
themselves over what He desires and what He be?
Any man hath a new philosophy or a want
Of profession, springs he up a religion and they
whose opium it is, him they follow.
That a man his fellow love and his society uphold,
barren the ways of Jesus or Mohammed or Budha,
he in some final apocalypse be damned?
Then the world be damned, you say!
That misogyny they spew and culture and morality
they twine and serve on a plate of fear.
Certainly, there can be no God who such requires
save the wantons of men who divinity their rules hideously profess!

This ponder me nicodemously lest I Thomas be.
Certainly you speak wisdom!
For your words do not sit in the vacuum of cynicism.
For indeed the wisest of men’s men such pondered,
and I wager that the most astute of learned men
on such dilemma hath pondered.
For religion, though a professor of innocence
doth history testified a murderer of men.
Aye, even of the Messiah himself, without respite
For they had screamed, “crucify him” and so it was.
Hath they not of Galileo death threatened
that he denounce a truth which we now with a grain of salt take?
For there indeed exists a hypocrisy of religion,
that professing itself to be true, other ways subtly condemn!
That men of supposed piety hath in the Lord’s name
others brought to lethargic ruin.
Aye, in these matters you are right

Yet it appears to me that my Lord unreasonable be,
that reasonable men by reason Him not find
Aye, even in this it be unreasonable.
For to me He gives meaning to they that lose reason

You ask me if there be God?
To my reason, there is none.
Yet to my meaning there He exists in me,
in ways that words never were tasked to explain.
Or reason ever to know, that reasonable men may know.
For His ways are not the ways of men
That men in their ways, His ways comprehend
That they were? Yet they are not
For in my sleep and in my wake
I feel His feet my own direct
How then can I the existence of Him deny!
Reason have I none, yet He is all the meaning I seek.

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