Such Men

I have seen men who love their drink
And will hold on to their bottles tighter than their lives in battles
I know men who love their women
And will dance to their song at the relegation of their wives
Indeed, I have heard of men who treasure their money
And will earlier part with love than their gold
There are even legends of men who loved fame
And traded their progeny to be etched in the tales of Troy’s fall
There are such men!

But I knew a man once who loved his sleep!
More than gold, or fame or love
Aye, even more than his life
I saw men gather around him and beat him up while he slept
But sleep was more pleasurable than any pain
I heard death had sued him once at the court of the Most High
For Death, he was worried the man may cheat him
And sleep to his days’ end before his time
There is such a man!

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